Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dry season in the Top End

 Seven plus weeks since I last submitted a blog post to the greater interweb...I thought I ought to justify my absence. These cooler months of June, July, August and a large proportion of September are for living in this part of the world. Summer days of 400% humidity, crushing downpours, tropical lows, iced up Saab's (does not deal with ice well) and having to squeeze on extra fuel for potential alternate aerodromes due adverse weather are long gone....until next summer.
Instead of blogging in my spare time I have either been enjoying a cold beer without sitting in air conditioning, or fishing (I will still go fishing in 400% humidity) or loading up my 4wd with my dog, camping gear and wife to head off bush. The above picture is our camp fire on the banks of the Daly river.
 Out on a Billabong (lake/river/swamp) catching Barramundi (tasty fish) with a Saab captain from work....believe it or not he was on standby to fly this day its a seriously hard life some days!
 Recently I had to trudge down to Melbourne for a few days of real winter and tick the boxes of a six monthly simulator check ride. Had to make sure I still have a rough idea of what to do in an emergency....eject. While I am perfecting an ungracious pose outside the Sim some poor REX (Regional Express) crew are sweating away inside hoping they still have their jobs at the end of their simulator session.
 A small bonus to living in Darwin is that Bali (an island full of Indonesians) is only a two hour flight away. Above my wife is giving me a lovely gesture whilst enjoying sun downers in Bali on our wedding anniversary.
 The intellectually disabled looking person swimming in the above picture is me enjoying the thermal springs at Mataranka on a long weekend camping trip.
 Now after just showing you pictures of myself flailing about in Northern Territory water ways, these prehistoric creatures also inherit Territory water ways. The big one below is called Brutus and is over six metres in length. Adelaide river jumping crocs is a must do if you somehow ever find yourself in Darwin.


  1. You do realise that Bali, as you so eloquently put it, is "an island full of Indonesians" because it is actually PART of Indonesia, don't you?

    Or has being with an Australian for so long left you with the same sense of entitlement?

    1. Well that explains alot....the geographical clarification is much appreciated.


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