Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dili flights cancelled & beer makes you skinny!?

 I am not the quickest blogger for news around, but last week the operator I fly for cancelled their regular service from Darwin to Dili in Timor. It probably means nothing to you however now my liquor cabinet is deprived of regular cheap replenishment from duty free. The flights rarely sold enough seats to make the route now there is a Saab at work cruising around with a Timor Air chocolate soldier / crocodile logo thing painted on the tail and it flies no where near Timor. The above picture is the mentioned Saab in Timor colours parked at Comoro Airport (Or according to wikipedia; Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport) in Dili.
 Final approach to runway '08' Comoro / Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport in Dili...we actually went around off this approach due to a controller being absent from the tower and not providing a clearance to land.
 On the top of this headland centred in the picture is Dili's very own twenty metre tall statue of Jesus, which even has its own one mile radius no fly zone. It was built by the predominantly Muslim Indonesians as a gift to the Christian East Timorese people. Apparently the Jesus statue points directly at Jakarta the Capital city of the most populace Muslim nation on Earth. If this is true it was a great piece of subtle humour from the Indonesians.
Thursdays edition of Pilot Operating handbook claims beer can make you skinny....I am sold! But to tell you the truth I have seen the reverse effects over my ten year love affair or maybe I should blame those late night Kebabs.


  1. Only in Australia can this possibly be considered front page news! Sign me up for the testing procedure, just to validate it scientifically.

  2. Go-around due to no controller but a clear runway? Wouldn't happen in bush ;o)

  3. I agree Matt....times change. Nowadays I have to follow real precedures.


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